"He’s such a smart player. He has such a high basketball IQ. He would do what he needs to do to help them win. To defend, rebound, he’ll score, he’ll run the floor and he’ll get deflections. Everyone was able to see that in his stint with Alab Pilipinas.”

-Jimmy Alapag, Head Coach | Alab Philippines

Balkmania Cares "Giving Love Back Program" was a success!

Despite of a very busy schedule, Renaldo Balkman managed to squeeze in some charity work for the children of Alay Pag-Asa Christian Foundation. His goal is to make the kids happy, and set an example that you can be whoever you want to be if you work hard for it.

“I was once a kid that didn’t have everything, I was a kid that wanted things in life that I couldn’t get and nobody came and told me when I was younger so I want to give the kids something I didn’t have.”

Together with this event was his former Alab Coach, Jimmy Alapag and his son Ian Maximus, and the rest of the team; Faye Comagon, Princess Velasco, Gracey Lindaya and Uncle Bernie who all helped organize and make this event successful.

We started off with an opening prayer by one of the kids and they started the show right away! They showed us some very heart-warming performance and we went straight for the games! Balkman and Alapag were able to join the games and sadly, they were eliminated right away! Every game we played, the kids gets a gift so nobody loses!

After all the games and fun, it's art time! We gave them some Balkmania Cares notepad, pencil, ruler and crayons which they used to draw and write us thank you notes. It was said by Balkman that it was the most rewarding part of the event, getting notes and drawings from the kids showing how much they appreciate us and what we did.

After all the games, we served them the kids' all time favorite - Jollibee! and some sweet treats LolliCakes made by Alapag's wife, LJ (The Lollicake Factory) was also a hit!

This experience really humbled us, to see the kids being grateful for the small things we did, to see them smile, to hear their laughter really made us happy - that is all we wanted, and this is what this program is about, to give love back, and we are hoping we showed them that we do love and care about them, that they do matter.

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