Balkman Elite together with The I /A\m ProGram have partnered to have a lifelong commitment guiding children, teenagers and young adults into adulthood by applying strong mentoring approaches & curriculums along with Elite Sports Training & Educational Enrichments. This approach of capturing greatness & success will allow our youth and most ambitious adults to become great within themselves and their communities.

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who we are

what we do

The I /A\m ProGram & Balkman Elite is Community Development Corporation (CDC) that strives off of the potential of those in its reach. Our main endeavor is building an individual no matter their race, creed, color, or age. In this way, the program operates under a strong curriculum of Leadership & Life Skill Development. This will expand each student-athlete and client with the ability to have leadership roles in the educational institutions, corporate structure, and life in general. With elite Leadership Roles our youth and community will be able to execute their personal Goals and Visions through Aspiration & Attitude. Allowing them to reach out to help mold those that are around them. While carrying out this mission and commitment, I /A\m Balkman Elite, will be able to take on the Responsibilities of Major Endeavors, through strong Business Practices, and Community Developmental Programs.

During our August 2017 Campaign, “I /A\m Biking For Student Success”, the Student Athletic Mentors of The I /A\m Program, successfully CYCLED 563 Miles on the journey officially named, “The Trail Of The Great I /A\m” and exceeded our goal of $7,500 for the students of I /A\m Balkman Elite. 

Our Athletic Mentors rode on bicycles from Tampa to Miami and back to raise Awareness for the deep need of Education in our underserved schools.

With the strong support and love from former NBA player of the New York Knicks, currently playing in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) top Franchise player,  Renaldo “Balk” Balkman, we are able to develop the teamwork with schools every day. We seek to attack the tremendous Life skill flaws in the system we all depend on to help support the growth of our children. Most of them are not given the proper training or structure that is required in order to develop into Productive, Strong, Educated & High-Achieving individuals. We bring in their lives stability that's in their best interest. We thrive to see the greatness within each child. That is where The I /A\m ProGram, Inc. & Balkman Elite come in to guide them in a major way. The FULLEST POTENTIAL of each child must be accomplished. 

Every day we work with the youth, we continue to break down barriers that were put up to prevent them from being successful in a Life of Promise and Blessing. We are here to ensure that EVERY Child realizes their GREATNESS whether their race, creed, or color. We Inspire them through sports. We teach them to use this basis to pursue and conquer their dreams.



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